Monika Daul-Müller is a Swiss Artist and Designer. She has a BA in Product and Industrial Design and worked for Benjamin Hubert of LAYER before she started her MA in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art in London, UK. After working on her own projects in a sahred artist studio in Greenwich and assisting reknown glass artist Heike Brachlow in her studio in Harlow, she moved back to Central Switzerland where she’s based now.

Her curiosity and adventurous spirit are the seed for her experimentation with materials. Investigation through the experiment sets the starting point of any project in order to explore and understand a material’s qualities and characteristics. The gained knowledge and understanding of natural processes and principles allows her to take a material beyond its comfort zone, towards its limits.
The non-commercial techniques she develops in order to do so, are the result of fusing traditional craftsmen’s techniques, creativity and the skills of using modern technologies from her Design background.

Born in the late 80ies, Monika has experienced both, a world of slower pace due to mainly analogue processes, digital technologies being in their rather early stages, but also the rapid invasion of digitalisation, globalisation and the growth of a virtual world that is now in co-existence to the physical world our bodies live in. Witnessing and observing those changes and contrasts does reflect in her way of working and the visual appearance of her work.

Her open eyes she sees the world with and a unique approach to materials and processes lets her create exceptional one-off sculptures and objects of outstanding appearance.